Steven Rynecki is USAID Regional Economic Growth & Governance Team Lead for Asia. He enjoys integrating data-driven information in shaping strategic and operational economic growth plans and activities. He has 30 years of international international development experience providing economic growth opportunities for those in need. He possesses an extensive track record in leading high-profile, dynamic economic and digital programs mostly in Eastern Europe and Central, South and Southeast Asia. He’s skillful in cultivating productive relationships with senior level government counterparts, trade associations, corporate executives, academic leaders and national security partners. He’s at his best when planning and delivering high-value development programs to build practical business and digital skills for vulnerable populations, create job-linkages for the poor and disadvantaged, steer private sector complementarity on projects of mutual interest, and provide digital solutions to complex development problems – when it makes sense. Mr. Rynecki has the ability to see the big picture and use affordable and sustainable solutions in realizing shared development objectives.