Digital Economy Forum II:

Policy engagement to build a digital future in Asia

Join us for a two-day event that will bring digital policy experts together with international and regional businesses to discuss the issues shaping the future of the digital economy and their impact on the private sector. 

Digital Policy Engagement Virtual Workshops

Are you ready to shape the future of the digital economy?

Digital Economy Forum:

Policy engagement to build a digital future in Asia

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This program brings together a network of Business Chamber organizations across the Indo-Pacific region to support and accelerate the digital economy, with a focus on identifying and advocating for digital policies that support the needs of the private sector, including:
Harmonizing and improving policies to support digital trade
Advancing cybersecurity knowledge and practices
Ensuring the operational efficiency of businesses within the wider regional digital and e-commerce ecosystem
Promoting secure, open, and inclusive digital economies in the participating nations
THe Network

Connecting Business Chambers in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Thailand