A visionary entrepreneur, Souliyo has revolutionized the transportation industry in Laos with his start-up, LOCA. By providing safe, reliable and transparent services, Souliyo has created over 800 sustainable jobs, including opportunities for women. His dedication and innovative approach have been recognized with prestigious awards and accolades such as the ASEAN Business Award and being listed on Forbes Asia’s 100 Companies to Watch.

Souliyo’s commitment to sustainable practices extends to his goal of transitioning LOCA’s fleet to 100% electric vehicles by 2030. He has also led the way in electric vehicle infrastructure in Laos, installing and expanding LOCA’s EV Fast Chargers across the country. This has encouraged more people to make the switch to EVs, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices.

In addition to his work with LOCA, Souliyo has also launched LOCA PAY, a payment facilitator that helps tourists make payments to local SMEs using existing QR codes. His innovative solutions have made a significant impact on transportation and the local economy, positioning Souliyo as a notable player in the start-up world.